Employee Recognition

What more do employees want than a pat on the back for the hard work we put in and their endless efforts? But it often feels like we are toiling away in shadows. No matter how awesome we are at our job, people do not naturally notice who we are and what we do.

It’s been nine years since I have been in the same company. I have spent countless days and nights working here tirelessly. Never been a bad employee or had any problems with others. I have received no complaints about my work too. But I am still where I was nine years back. And it’s kind of frustrating having zero visibility for your work and being the unsung hero of the organization. Especially, the fact that I have not moved up until now.

Synchronizing the recognition

The main reason of me not receiving the recognition at work that I deserve is that I have never been good at politics. All the scheming and plotting goes above my head. I understand it every time but it is just so not me to do it myself too. I assumed my work ethic and performance would be enough. I did my best to finish my work in the given deadlines. I invested more hours and much more effort to make my work better. But then I realized that it’s not the work that I do, it’s how I present it unlike others.

I assumed my work ethic and performance would be enough. I did my best to finish my work in the given deadlines.

I have people around me who have climbed the ladder of success in front of my eyes. It’s not that they were very brilliant at their work or more hardworking than me. No, but some people are just better at getting recognized. They ingratiate themselves with the boss.

They have no problem taking credit for other people’s work. They’ll diminish your accomplishments and inflate their own. You will come up with great ideas and work plans. But they will never let the strategies to be implied completely as you suggested. They’ll make minor changes here and there, and then gulp all the credit for your brain work

Workplace Politics

It feels like in some cases a person can never find his growth and recognition unless he is in the good books of his boss. And by good books it doesn’t mean how well you do your work and perform your job; it means how well you flatter your boss. It’s not wrong to say that the success rate in offices is directly proportional to the buttering you can do and how well you play the office politics.

I yearn for success and promotions myself. I wish that I too get recognized for my efforts. I assume that I won’t be able to go that far. But I’m not waiting to get noticed anymore. I have devised some new strategies for myself now.

From now on, if I beat a deadline, solve a tough problem, or get great feedback from a customer—I’m CCing upper management on the email. Be it a difficult task, working on a special project or going above and beyond to make a key assignment completed. I am going to make sure to take credit when it’s being doled out.

I may feel like deflecting the attention and pointing out the contributions of others because after all I don’t want to look like an attention hog too. But I will not let the opportunity to pass by. I am definitely not going to take credit for the work or ideas of others. But if I will not speak for my work then how will the high-ups ever going to know about my efforts

Letting everyone chime in

Most importantly, I am going to establish a first name basis relationship with my colleagues and supervisors from now on. I will get to know them and try to be more active in non-work related events such as celebrations, lunches and get-togethers.

I will also do a little personal PR by talking about the contributions I have made. Though I do communicate with my boss but still I will put myself in the spotlight. I am also going to cc the important emails and give a brief summary of my labor.

Apart from all these steps to get my name recognized at work, I have also decided to acknowledge the efforts of others. I am going to thank my colleagues for their hard work and try my best to ensure that get rewards and recognition that they truly deserve. It will also establish a strong and unbreakable relationship with them.

It’s rightly said that recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it.

By bringing these strategies in action I am totally hopeful and positive that I will get the credits, appreciation and my long due promotions. After all, for bringing change it’s us who needs to get changed first. It’s rightly said that recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it.

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