A Teacher’s mind

A Teacher’s mind

Have you ever peeped in a teacher’s mind? You must never have. We usually consider a teacher to be the most dignified, sophisticated and trustworthy person. Sure, we are an amalgam of these qualities.

Teachers for their students are like the dictators they happily follow. It’s kind of a hypnotizing condition for the students. They believe everything they are told by the instructors. They tend to follow every single instruction by the teacher, it’s like an unshakable mentality we have in our schools. The teacher will say its day and no darkness in the world can convince a student that its night. The teacher will say its night and all the moons and stars will come together but will not be able to convince that its night.

The Master of the Universe

My students might often see me as The Master of the Universe. It is not because I am designated as a scholar in front of them. But more importantly because of the fact that I, time and again tell them the things only God knows. For example, I put in the picture, that if they choose a certain path then they can be sure of victory.

Not only that, at times I have also convinced them that a certain assignment or project can make or break their future. I get my work done like this. And they almost every time forgot what I promised. Believe me, no student has ever asked a teacher the outcome of the assignment he was promised in the form of a triumph.  For a middle school to work, you have to impart a sense of urgency. You have to make them believe these things. Time may not be as important as we say it is, but it’s more important than they think it is.

For a middle school to work, you have to impart a sense of urgency. You have to make them believe these things. Time may not be as important as we say it is, but it’s more important than they think it is.

Great teachers don’t teach

I teach in a middle school and that too located in one of the most underprivileged neighborhoods in the city. The students I teach are the products of rote learning. They are trained to learn and forget everything they studied after the exams. Since kindergarten, no one has ever made them learn or understand the concepts of their syllabus. They are just made to learn by heart like parrots. You will see them score positions in their class, witness their parents gloating over their shining school report cards. The schools being proud of the performance shown by their teachers and students. But you will never find a student that has clear concepts of the big words that he has well-read.

Another of the major factors that make us teachers similar to robots is that we get an extremely stiff curriculum to follow. These curriculum have been made ages ago and are religiously been followed since then. No one has ever complained about the rotten knowledge in them nor have they changed a bit. Ultimately we the teachers have little to no room for inventiveness.

In order to make the students score good ranks. We are bound to educate what we are supposed to. The students learn only with the intention of scoring for the results. We don’t teach to make them to gain knowledge. Neither do they soak up the essence of the education. By seventh grade, the engine is almost finished, and you’re just adding the windows and tires.

This is how the machinery of schools works since decades now. And it’s almost too late for the tutors to change the courses or the pattern of teaching when the teachers get them.

As a society, today it’s a sad condition of affairs that we live in. All of us are structured to believe and be alright with this way of education.

Knowledge is power

The need of this hour is that the schools, the students, the teachers and even the parents start thinking about modification of the system. The schools should not be considered as only the places to pass out degree holders. But should be recognized as the gardens which nurture education in the minds of its students. The teachers should propose some meaningful changes and amendments in the curriculum. The parents should stop demanding good ranks and highest grades from the teachers. It’s a change that we have to bring as a society to ensure that the upcoming generations do not suffer lack of knowledge.

These are also the steps that should be taken by the government. The education committees and ministry should be involved and improvisations should be done nationally. If hopefully, these measures are taken into action then we can hope that the children of the next generation will be able to attain some good education.

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