A lady who probably failed to change her own life

A lady who probably failed to change her own life

I was an innocent girl in my sweet sixteen’s with eyes full of dreams when at once a hurricane cuddled me from four sides and dragged me to a life which I had never thought before. One fine day when I returned from my school, I was never aware that a night mare was waiting for me at my home. My father nearly collapsed me down by saying that a guy was coming in evening to see me for matrimony purpose. I can still recall that this news was more of a blast for me that took my feet out of ground. At the very moment I felt that all my dreams and future plans had shattered by my very own parents. I can’t express in words what I felt at that time and the moment that person arrived our home was the most weird and embarrassing moment for me.


This person was of approximately 29 years old while I was just 16, the first thing where the conflict arouse. I was not mentally prepared for getting married at that young age because I had some dreams for my life. I was studying in a higher school at grade 10th, I loved to study and the only passion I had at that time was to get higher education and adapt the profession of a flight attendant.

I dreamt to fly across the globe, beyond the skies and this sudden plan of my parents just threw me down from the skies of dreams. I was so young and innocent that I thought that after a little effort, showing annoyance and anger over my parent’s decision would made my parents to change their decision but all in vain. I never knew at that time that I would have to face such emotional blackmailing from my parent’s side.

I dreamt to fly across the globe, beyond the skies and this sudden plan of my parents just threw me down from the skies of dreams.

My father turned so furious, he revoked eating, whole family turned against me, and no one was there to stand by my side. My mom didn’t even bother to discuss this decision of my life with me. It seemed that I was a real burden on their shoulders and my parents just wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible. I told my mom that I was not mentally prepared for such a great transformation in my life but she just negated all my fears and reasoning by saying that she was also enforced by her parents to marry at the same age. I felt that if my mom was taking revenge of her dreams murder that was convicted by her parents from me.


They completely rejected my will of completing my education. My parents stated, what you would do of getting degrees when as a woman your first priority and responsibility should be to get married, give birth to children and up bringing them. They just denied the fact how much education matters in upbringing a generation and tried to convince me for getting married through any means. In short, I surrendered and bowed at my parent’s will and was married to that person who was 14 years elder to me.

My new life was established over the castle of my dreams. I flew to America with my husband who was not only much senior to me in age but was also quite mature mentally. The age and the dreams where I was standing at that time, my hubby has crossed that age 14 years back. During these years, new life was more of a roller coaster. I gave birth to three kids and was a responsible mother just at the age of 20. Besides domestic jobs, I worked at a time at Starbucks and a bakery to earn my living as my husband told me that earning is the only key to a prosperous life.

I quitted from all my dreams, my dream of getting higher education also got buried deep in my heart. Now I am not a girl with dreams rather I’m a mom of three with no hope for tomorrow and a faded heart. I never knew what my fault was and why I was enforced to spend such life by my parents. But whatever was my fate I have decided that I will never let my daughter live such a miserable life, hope that through her I can give reality to my dreams

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